Banner and advertising banner printing

Today, the printing industry is largely involved in the production of posters and banners for outdoor advertising. 2MV Grafica, based in Moncalieri (Turin) and also operating in the Milan area, offers design and production of printed products that meet the communication needs of individuals and companies.

PVC printing is performed using a particular type of colours, very resistant to UV rays and to atmospheric agents. In this way, the end product will retain its vibrant colours and leave your advertising message visible for a long time, in spite of prolonged exposure to atmospheric agents. The special inks dry quickly and do not discolour with time.


Banners and Signs

PVC banners and posters are very effective from an advertising point of view since it is also possible to produce them in very large dimensions. The material is also absolutely tear-proof and fire retardant. 2MV Grafica manages all production and printing stages, from pre-production quality control to final delivery. Depending on their needs, the customers can choose between one-sided or front-and-back printing mode, depending on the budget and desired visibility.

Our company is equipped for digital printing on large-format coil and sheet cutting, and uses the latest generation machines that can make high-quality prints of badges, labels, pre-spaced stickers, posters, banners, and PVC panels. The equipment of 2MV Grafica can create vivid and detailed images of up to 1440 dpi with variable drop of three different sizes. The technology allows to obtain high-quality images with smooth gradients using only

the four-colour process.

The range of services offered by the company is vast and includes:


- printing on 390 g PVC banner or wind proof mesh network, ideal for covering building scaffolding;

- Printing on lightweight HDPE material, polyethylene and 100% recyclable, customisation with buttonholes and eyelets;

- Two-sided printing.

PVC banners and MESH Network:

design and maximum resistance even in outdoor settings


2MV Grafica prints on PVC banner and MESH network, creating weather-resistant (from wind to rain to direct exposure to UV rays) products. No format is too large to not pay attention to the smallest details! The result: the highest quality end product and dozens of satisfied clients.

PVC banners are available in various weights, depending on the quality and duration that you want to obtain. The banner can be printed front-and-back and finished with eyelets, grommets, reinforcements and edges. Advertising banners in mesh network (wind-resistant) are the most popular option for outdoor exposure. They are perfect for covering buildings and scaffolding.

Based in Moncalieri (Turin), 2MV Grafica is the graphics services point of reference for the city of Turin and the neighbouring province of Milan. To request further information, advice and quotes: 011.6467169.

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