Flat offset printing

Flat offset printing is the ideal solution for quality products at low / medium run such as catalogues, books, magazines and flyers. Whereas for longer runs, this technique is normally used for the production of covers and inserts for magazines and catalogues.

We can guarantee a high production capacity, and support the following formats 70x100, 100x140, 120x160. We execute the work using our latest-generation equipment, convertible up to 10 colours, so as to offer a single-stop solution for printing in full colour with gloss/matt coating and/or fifth pantone colour.

We can also complete certain customised jobs, such as full-table UV painting, confidential UV screen varnishing, glossy, matte or soft-touch lamination, hot shearing, reliefs, die-cutting and other special processing.

Flat offset printing process is followed by the packaging and preparation of the final product, where we offer a wide choice of packages such as stapled bundles, milled paperback, hardback and paperback. The process concludes with single-copy cellophane covering and packaging.


Efficiency and quality for your printing needs!


Based in Moncalieri (Turin), 2MV Grafica offers a print management service developed over years of collaboration with industry leaders, with top-of-the-range machinery for flat offset printing. The company acts as a one-stop-shop for a wide range of products, taking care of logistical aspects in cooperation with

selected transporters.


Brochures, catalogues, flyers and free-press


We offer: brochures, catalogues, flyers, information papers, billboards, magazines and free press, flyers for retail and custom items for points of sale.

2MV Grafica is also able to provide bindery services using its trusted partners, depending on your needs, requests and run volumes.

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